16 March 2011

Danish Spontaneity: Myth or Bust?


There’s been some discussion in certain circles lately about Danish social interactions—the etiquette and such of hanging out with Danes.  Mainly, the topic revolves around spontaneous plans.  For me, it would be quite normal to leave work one evening and make impromptu plans with a friend for dinner that night—or even the next day.  But that’s not the case in Denmark.  The reasons for this are complex, and summarized nicely: here. 

But just to share an example of how
i called a friend to invite him to a spontaneous dinner plan.

This particular friend is Danish, and in response to how are you, he says:
Description: http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/186951_1294500111_352160_q.jpgwell, i'm good except that when you called me just now i dropped a bag of trash on the kitchen floor, so now i have to clean it up.

ME: oh, i'm so sorry i called you right at this moment then to cause you to do that.

Friend: you should be.
Description: http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/186951_1294500111_352160_q.jpg
Ok, so up until now, this is a normal contemporary friend-friend interaction.

But, read on:

me: Well, I would like to invite you to another VERY spontaneous dinner event in frederiksberg. and i know it's awfully rude of me to assume you don't have plans, but we just decided to go and would feel rude not asking you. so feel free to say no.
Friend: well, that is true, and i can't do it today. i need a quiet sunday. but next time….[thinking pause] well it's really better to give me some head notice, but then i do appreciate the invitation, so just keep trying
------Callie interrupts: Friend, really, it's ok. I promise i will plan something 3 weeks in advance just for you.
Friend: [sigh of relief] that would be good.

09 March 2011

sun and spring are here!


 Nuff' Said.  Nok Sagde.  =)

quarter century


happy birthday to me :)

this is how they do birthday breakfast in denmark ;)

danish style birthday dinner



best. candle. ever.


61N Latitudes... Viking Voyages to Bergen, Norway



so many choices.  i even tasted... WHALE
choppin' and slicin' and cleanin'

So, Kamilla says I just HAVE to try the Oreo Cake here, only since I'm American and therefore an Oreo expert, not to expect TOO TOO much.  But hey, oreo and cake and I'm in, right??  :) 

Oh I wanted one soooo much.  They were so soft and warm and the deer wasn't too bad either :)

That's right, I'm in Scandinavia and I like to wear Viking Helmets and play with trolls. =)  Gotta take your perks in the dark winter when you can.  Seriously though, trolls are a part of Norwegian folk lore, and nisse/gnomes/elves are just a wee bit more Danish.  Not sure about Sweden/Finland yet, I'll let you know though when I track one down.  I'm an expert at nisse hunting.  Almost as good at finding them as I am at finding Starbucks.  (that one is for you, Dad!)


some of you might be familiar with the pastel row of carriage houses in Charleston known as Rainbow Row.  It's one of Dad's favorite parts of Charleston, and I'm been searching for comparable views all over Europe.  I think Bergen waterfront wins the contest--as seen below.  But you'll have to let me know what you think--Chas or Bergen??

 I've discovered in my time here that Norwegians might be stereotyped correctly as HAPPY.  Kamilla always has a goofy and enchanting smile on her face, and it's pretty easy to capture all the time.  All I can tell you is, if a Norwegian invites you out--GO.  and Enjoy.

so incredibly not norwegian car. :)
Traditional Easter dinner of Sheep Ribs and Kohlrabi mashed... Followed with Ris A'la monde :)


a night and a day at the family summer home, essentially a norwegian counterpart to SALUDA HOUSE

Don't you wish your backyard had this view??

Tapas with the Girls and a Night Out in Bergen